Backup Care Updates: 08/09

To Those Eligible for Backup Care: 


Work Options Group has merged with Bright Horizons Family Solutions. As a result of that partnership, the people of Columbia now have access to over 260 high quality Bright Horizons child care centers, in addition to the network of centers that were previously available through Work Options Group.

Additionally, as of August 14, 2009 the co-pay structure has changed.  The $2 per hour co-pay for center based care will remain; however the co-pay for in-home care will be $6 per hour (for up to three dependents) for the first 50 hours used and $8 per hour for each hour in excess of 50 up to the 100 hour limit.  This increased co-pay will allow Columbia to maintain this generous program and continue to offer the full 100 hours of backup care per year to eligible officers, postdocs and doctoral students.

As a reminder, the new bank of backup care hours has renewed as of July 1, 2009. You will continue to register and reserve care through the same process, via phone at 800-557-0847 or online at:

Please contact the Office of Work/Life, 212-854-8019, or, with any questions, concerns, or feedback. In addition, please go to the Work/Life website at  to learn about work/life programs and services, and to use the Work/Life bulletin board.