Bike Safety and Maintenance

Safety Tips and Resources

Prevent Theft: Learn how to properly lock your bike

  • Public Safety discourages the use of cable locks, as they can be easily cut.  U-locks are more secure. Two U-locks can be used to lock your bike frame and tire to a bolted down bike rack. Learn more about Bike Theft Prevention using Public Safety’s resource guide.

  • Check out the pros and cons of each type of bicycle lock, and choose the best lock for your needs.

Courtesy: Bike New York

Wear a helmet, and wear it right. (Tips from Bike New York.)

Wear it:

  • Snug and flat on your head.
  • With side buckles adjusted to form a “V” at your ear.
  • With chin strap tightened and buckled.
  • With enough room to fit one or two fingers under strap.

Follow NYC Bike Laws

Avoid conflicts with motorists, pedestrians, and other cyclists by being: predictable, visible, assertive, alert, and courteous. (Bike New York)

Commit to the Bike Safety Pledge!

Additional Bicycle Safety Tips from the American League of Bicyclists

  • Get all of your “Smart Cycling Tips” from the American League of Bicyclists. Information is available on a wide range of topics, from biking attire, to proper helmet use.

Maintenance and Repairs

The following resources will help you maintain your bicyle

Bicycle Ergonomics

Bicycle with a safe and sustainable posture

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