Breastfeeding Support Program

The Office of Work/Life is pleased to announce the Breastfeeding Support Program, an important new initiative to support working and student parents at Columbia University. Recognizing the benefits of breastfeeding and in compliance with the law, Columbia University is committed to ensuring that the needs of lactating women are met and now offers a Breastfeeding Support Program.  

This program includes private, clean lactation rooms equipped with hospital-grade breast pumps throughout Columbia's campuses for the use of all mothers (faculty, staff, students, and visitors) to express milk for their baby while they are at work or school.  Additionally the Office of Work/Life sells breast pump accessories at a discounted rate, provides educational materials and referrals for lactation consultants and support groups, and offers related workshops on campus. 

If you or someone you know wants more information on this program, access to the lactation rooms on campus, or to purchase pump attachments, please contact the Office of Work/Life at or at 212-854-8019.

Visit the breastfeeding support section of our website for more details and additional resources.