Setting up a Lactation Room

Having a formal lactation room ensures that lactating mothers have a private, secure space to express their breast milk without having to ask managers or direct supervisors for the use of their office space. If you are interested in developing a lactation room in your department or school the following guidelines will help you develop a space that will fit the needs of lactating mothers. The set up for an adequate lactation room can be accomplished with minimal investment in space and cost.

An adequate lactation room should be a private room (not a bathroom) and should have the following features:

  • A door that locks from the inside and coded keypad or other arranged access to the room.
  • A comfortable chair, made of a material that is easy to clean (not cloth covered), that provides sufficient back support and sized so that an average woman's feet can touch the floor. 
  • An electrical outlet for plugging in a breast pump.
  • Multi-user hospital grade breast pump (can be provided by the Office of Work/Life).
  • A table, on which to rest a breast pump and other supplies, in front of the chair.
  • A sink located in the room or in close proximity to the room, along with soap and paper towels.
  • Small refrigerator for storing breast milk.
  • Supplies of cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Soft light, pictures, and decorations that encourage relaxation.

Office of Work/Life staff will be responsible for managing access to the room and will work with a designated building representative to ensure that the room is properly maintained and on a regular cleaning schedule.

Please contact the Office of Work/Life if you would like to discuss setting up a room in your building.

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