Other Wellness Initiatives at Columbia

Columbia-Wide Initiatives


  • Getting optimal sleep can be a challenge throughout one's lifetime. Alice! is committed to helping you achieve a good night's rest so that you stay healthy and perform at your best! Check out the A!sleep page for information, resources, interactive tools, and complete a free personalized sleep assessment with instant individual feedback.

Alice! Health Promotion

  • Alice! Health Promotion offers several guides for healthy eating. Resources include: sample menus for healthy food choices at meetings, a nutritious food check list for grocery store shopping, recipes for fresh, well-balanced meals, and a comprehensive guide to healthy eating.

Behavioral Medicine Exercise Studies

  • The Division of Behavioral Medicine at CUMC is engaged in several exercise studies to understand how exercise affects cognition and the brain and hopes to determine if exercise increases attention and memory. Studies are open to Columbia affiliates as well as friends and family! Participation includes a free start-up gym membership at Dodge Fitness Center or PlusOne. To be eligible you must be between 20-75 years of age, not currently exercising, and in good health. Click here for more information and to find out if you are eligible.

COOP Rentals

  • In promotion of hiking and other outdoor activities, the Columbia Outdoor Orientation Program rents equipment (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc) to all Columbia students, faculty, and staff.  Equipment is rented from Lerner Hall on the Morninside Campus.  Contact them for more information.

CU Move 

  • CU Move encourages members of the Columbia community to engage in active lives that include regular physical activity. The program provides participants with motivation and incentives to be active throughout the year along with access to calendars of free and low-cost activities on campus and around New York City.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • The EAP is a network of services, including short-term counseling and life coaching, to help faculty, staff, and their household members cope with everyday issues- including stress, relationships, depression and addiction. Humana's professional counselors are available 24 hours, 7 days a week at 888-673-1153.


  • Environmental Health & Safety offers monthly workshops to help you perform your job in a manner that prevents ergonomic risk factors, such as poor posture and excessive reaching.  

Flu Prevention

  • Members of the Morningside campus  and Medical Center campus can receive free flu shots at flu shot fairs. Members of the Morningside campus can also get flu shots through health services.         

Greenmarkets (Columbia and Fort Washington)

  • Get your locally-sourced dairy products, fruits, vegetables, farm baked treats, preserves, meats and more at a NYC Greenmarket. 
  • The Columbia Greenmarket on Broadway (between 114th and 115th streets) and is open every Thursday and Sunday all year round.  The new Fort Washington Greenmarket at 168 street is open on Tuesdays through November.

Healthy Mondays at Columbia

  • In association with the Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion at the Mailman School of Public Health, the Monday Campaigns is a non-profit public health campaign that dedicates the first day of every week to healthy behaviors and provides research, creative services, and free ready-to-scale programs to organizations who would like to incorporate the Monday concept into their health promotion programs. 
    Pandemic Preparedness
  • Visit the pandemic preparedness website for information and resources on how to prevent the H1N1 flu.

Public Safety

  • Columbia University's Department of Public Safety offers free self defense classes each semester.  Contact 212-854-8513 for more information.

Tobacco Cessation: Below are also several options for members of the campus community who wish to quit smoking.

  • Students, faculty and staff who are NYC residents may call 311 to locate a city-sponsored tobacco cessation program. Additional resources can be found at nyc.gov
  • For those who are enrolled in United Health Care, assistance is provided through MyNurseline.

Wellness Discounts

  •  Discounts are available at local bike shops and fitness centers in and around Columbia.

Medical Plan Programs

For those on the Columbia health plan with United Healthcare (UHC), there is a 24-hour nurse line and other programs for disease and symptom management; for more information call the toll-free service number on the back of your insurance card or visit the UHC website to learn more about these programs. For more information on benefits and enrollment see the Benefits homepage

CUMC Campus Initiatives

Bard Athletic Center

  • Located in Bard Hall, memberships to this facility are available to Medical Center students, faculty, officers of administration, and staff, post-doctoral research fellows, alumni, and employees of NY Presbyterian Hospital, NYS Psychiatric Institute, Audubon Research Park. 

Columbia Community Partnership for Health

  • The Columbia Community Partnership for Health is an initiative of the Irving Institute that facilitates a consumer bilingual health library, free blood pressure and BMI screenings, and a CSA, delivering farm fresh, local produce to Washington Heights. 

Hip Hop Public Health

  • Hip Hop Public Health uses hip hop music, short animated features, and health video games as part of a multimedia curriculum designed to motivate healthy behaviors among children and their families.

Plus One/NYPH Fitness Center

  • All Columbia University faculty, staff, students, and alumni have access to the 6500 square foot, state-of-the-art NYPH Fitness Center powered by +1.  Various membership options are available.
  • NYPH Employees are eligible for a monthly payroll deduction to cover membership fees.
  • In an effort to encourage employees to bike to work, showers are available for bicycle commuters. In conjunction with Plus One Fitness, employees will now be able to utilize the showers at the gym by purchasing monthly shower passes for only $5 per month. Plus One Fitness is located in the Service building on the 2nd floor and features all amenities for showering including towels and lockers. For more information please call 212-305-1800.

New York State Psychiatric Institute Employee Assistance Program

  • The NYSPI EAP offers Columbia University employees the opportunity to participate in yoga, meditation, and Reiki and lunch time seminars programming. Contact Dacia Morris at Morrisd@nyspi.columbia.edu or Matt Gold at goldmat@nyspi.columbia.edu for more information.

Smoke Free CUMC

  • As of August 10, 2009, Columbia University Medical Center is a completely smoke-free environment.  For helpful information and local resources for quitting smoking, visit the NYC.gov website.

Take the Stairs Campaign

  • In an effort to encourage more people to take the stairs in CUMC’s Allan Rosenfield Building, the Mailman School of Public Health remodeled the stair case with vignettes displaying a historical timeline of public health advances in New York City. 

Weight Control Center

  • The Weight Control Center at Columbia University Medical Center is offering individual nutrition appointments, and interactive, registered dietitian-led weight management groups that focuses on making long-term changes for a healthier lifestyle.  
  • Nutirtion Appointments: Set up individual appointments with a registered dietitian. Visits are tailored to meet individual needs addressing concerns that pertain to eating habits, physical activity and behaviors. You can expect to build on your current strengths and work together with the dietitian to create a plan to achieve your goals. Please call 212-305-5568 to schedule an appointment.
  • Weight Control in 12 Weeks: The program's focus will be on realistic goal setting and action plan formulation to allow each participant to execute their personalized plan to reach their goals. This will be a time-limited 12-week group with 5 to 7 participants. Each session will last 60 minutes and includes a private weigh-in and handouts. Meetings are held at the Weight Control Center, Herbert Irving Pavilion, 161 Fort Washington Avenue (at the corner of W.165th Street), 5th floor, Room 512. For more information about group meeting times and dates or to register, Heather Bainbridge, RD, CDN at hb2298@columbia.edu or (212) 305-0486
  • Continuation Group: After completion of the 12 week group program, continuation groups are available for those who wish to continue receiving group support. Advanced topics are discussed at each session to further improve and explore ways to continue and maintain weight loss. 


LDEO Campus Initiatives

Many wellness activities exist at the Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory campus. Visit the "Life at Lamont" website for more information about tai chi and yoga classes, pick-up soccer games, and bicycling in the local area.

Morningside Campus Initiatives

For Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Columbia Dining 


  • Provides online healthy eating resources and recipe guides to help the Columbia community make healthy choices on and off campus.


Columbia Health Services

  • Travel Health: The "On the Road Travel Medicine Program" offers information and immunizations for international travel.

Dodge Fitness Center

  • Located on the Morningside campus, memberships to this facility are available for faculty, staff, and students. Additionally, the center offers personal training and voluntary fitness classes for members.
Take the Stairs Campaign
  • A collaborative effort between the Office of Work/Life, Columbia Health, Alice! Health Promotion, CUMove, CUFacilities, Environmental Stewardship, Teacher’s College, and the NYC Department of Health, Take the Stairs campaign encourages the Columbia community to choose the stairs instead of the elevator as a quick way to add more physical activity into your day and save electricity. 

For Students:

Columbia Health Services

  • Alice! Health Promotion: Alice! seeks to make the campus healthier by connecting students with information and resources, cultivating healthy attitudes and behaviors and fostering a culture that values and supports a healthy community. Alice! provides interactive trainings, programs such as CU Move and Stress Busters, and is home to Go Ask Alice!, a health question-and-answer website.
  • Tobacco Cessation: Columbia students can meet with a tobacco cessation specialist who will provide individual support and help students understand the process of quitting along with developing a personal plan to stop using tobacco.

Columbia Law School Health and Wellness 

  • The Law School supports the health and wellness of students through providing programs and services, including workshops and wellness fairs.

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