Faculty Recruitment & Relocation Service

Columbia University recognizes that relocation is often stressful and that it can impact your whole family, including your spouse or same-sex domestic partner, children, parents and others.  Columbia offers services that help faculty through the relocation process.  The Faculty Recruitment and Relocation Service provides assistance with finding child care and schools, elder care, housing and employment opportunities for your spouse/domestic partner. Additionally there are a variety of housing program and services to assist you, whether you are looking to rent, lease, or buy a home. 



The following programs are available to assist Columbia faculty with housing.
  • The Housing Information and Referral Service provides individual consultations on renting or purchasing apartments and homes within commuting distance of Columbia University campuses.  The service is available to all faculty, including faculty being recruited to the University, and to all other Columbia University employees. 

  • University Apartment Housing (UAH) provides rental or lease apartments for eligible Officers of Instruction, Research, and Libraries. 

  • Visitor Housing may be available on campus for parents, alumni, and guest affiliates of Columbia.

  • The Provost's Faculty Housing Assistance Program provides funds to help eligible faculty purchase or rent an apartment or home in the area.

  • The Affinity Lending Program may help the people of Columbia University finance the purchase of a home through arrangements with Bank of America and ICC.

Spouse/Partner Dual Career Services

Columbia offers dual career services to assist the accompanying spouses/partners of newly recruited faculty with the challenges of conducting academic and non-academic job searches in a new location.

For non-academic careers, we offer job market assessments, individual consultations and referrals through a network of experienced career services, human resources and other professionals in the Columbia community. 

Spouse/partner dual career services are provided as a resource only, and do not create an entitlement to nor guarantee employment.  Spouses/partners are eligible for the services and resources for a predetermined period of time during a six month window and can access the program for up to one year from the faculty hire date.

Additional online resources available:

For more information and to access the Dual Career Service, contact the Office of Work/Life.


School, Child Care, and Elder Care

  • The School & Child Care Search Service provides written materials and personal guidance to parents exploring all types of child care and educational opportunities within public, parochial, independent, and special needs schools. 
  • Adult and Elder Care Services are provided through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).  The EAP provides a range of specialized services, including short-term counseling, to help you and your household members with the management of adult/elder care responsibilities.  For more information about elder care support for relocating faculty, email the Office of Work/Life.

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