Feed your body for performance


As you settle into the new year, performance on and off of campus might be on your mind.  To fuel your achievement, consider supplying your body with a balanced diet.  Check out the Columbia Reaching Out With Nutrition (C.R.O.W.N.) website to find useful tools, hot nutrition topics, and nutrition facts for on campus dining.  Did you know you can listen to Podcasts for tips on cooking with ingredients from the Farmer's Market?  Connect to these resources for inspiration and ideas for feeding your body for success.

CU Move

To maximize the benefits of a balanced diet, consider how you might add a few minutes of physical activity to your day.  CU Move is an online exercise motivation and tracking program that offers the University community an opportunity to learn about, design, and record personal fitness activities.  You can set exercise goals and record progress on your personalized exercise journal.  CU Move is free and open to all Columbia students, faculty, staff, and alumni.  The goal is to spend at least 100 minutes per week doing physical activity.