Columbia Community Feedback

We welcome feedback on any of our workshops and programs to see how we can better serve you!

The Office of Work/Life values input from the Columbia community and collects feedback through workshop, program, and client consultation surveys. You may also e-mail to with any comments or suggestions.

Please take a moment and fill out this brief survey about the Office of Work/Life so that we can learn which programs/services/policies/benefits you are familiar with and if there are any additional topics you hope to see addressed.


Adult & Elder Care

Keep up the good work.  I was pleasantly surprised how interesting this lecture/session was.”

- Workshop Participant, EAP Workshop, Getting the Most Out of Life When You Retire

I have been to a number of seminars, and this was the best one. The presenter was clear, organized, and helpful.

-Workshop Participant, EAP Workshop: Retaining Legal Control Over Important Life Decisions

Back-Up Care

Very clear answers to my questions...I always get a fast response from Work/Life, in spite of various questions I raised.

- Associate Research Scientist 

It is one of the best benefits that I have through work. I can’t begin to fully express my gratitude and relief to have such a reliable, necessary, and professional service that the backup care program provides and the role it plays in my family’s life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!

- Back-up Care User

I don’t know what I’d do without the backup care program. In addition to being a wonderful idea, it is very well managed. I’ve used it several times and never had a problem.

- Back-up Care User

Breastfeeding Support

I was very glad that Columbia offers this service and it made my work much less stressful knowing I had a place to pump each day.

-Lactation Room User

Thanks to your office, I was able to nurse my first child for over a year and hope to do the same for my second. I could never have done that if I had to pump in a bathroom somewhere. Thanks for your support!
-Lactation Room User

The lactation room has been critical in helping me continue to breastfeed my child, and I am very grateful that it is available for us to use.

-Lactation Room User 

The lactation rooms have been such an essential part of my return to school!

-Lactation Room User

I am overwhelmed with all these wonderful resources Columbia provides!

-Lactation Room User

Thanks so much for setting me up and helping me navigate the resources here. It helped me extend breastfeeding a lot longer than I would have been able to accomplish otherwise. 

-Lactation Room User

Thank you for all you support!!! It's pricelss.

-Lactation Room User

Still exclusively breast feeding my daughter thanks to this program!
-Lactation Room User

Great experience, so valuable.  hospital grade pumps are fantastic, and the only reason i was able to breastfeed my second child LONGER than my first!  Made it over a year, thank you, thank you!

-Lactation Room User

I don’t have a private office so the lactation rooms were essential, and having such a great setup (fridge, lockers, nearby sink, Symphony pump, and comfy private room) made everything so easy.

- Lecturer

Having access to these rooms was the deciding factor in allowing me to continue with my graduate program at SIPA, and so I am most grateful to you and to all your colleagues for the support. I literally used it every two hours for a matter of months! My family and I could not have made it work otherwise. I am so incredibly grateful that I never had to make the choice between providing the best nutrition for my child and my academic and career ambitions.

-  Graduate Student, SIPA

Thank you so much for this vital service …  The benefits will be far reaching for all of our children.  Please continue to make CUMC a baby and family friendly place to work!

- Lactation Room User

I couldn't have made it through the past few semesters without [the lactation room]!  Thanks again. 

- Lactation Room User

Child Care & Schooling

The listserv and its content is extremely useful...the childcare website is updated frequently and the information provided is accurate and its timeliness assists with school deadlines for those parents who are searching.

-School and Search Service Program User

Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help me along the way with housing & childcare.  It would be a much more daunting and terrifying task without your experience and advice.

-Columbia Recruit

I wanted to thank you for all of the indispensable assistance that you have provided to our family throughout our pre-school search. As parents confronting it for the first time, the admissions process was a bit overwhelming and we are very thankful to have had somebody so patient and knowledgeable to assist us.

- Columbia Family Seeking Pre-School

When we started to look into choosing the right school over 6 months ago, I was completely ignorant about the many facets of this complex issue. Your help and expertise was extremely useful, and I learned so much about the many wonderful independent schools in New York as well as our needs and preferences as a family.

- International Family at Columbia

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

This event was EXCELLENT, so valuable.  Wish I’d taken it yrs ago, to familiarize with my parents’ options.  Many Thanks! 
-EAP User, Workshop: Introduction to Medicare 

I have used this service ... to get information about elder care for my mother in Virginia and I was frankly surprised at how helpful the people were. I would recommend a call for help to anyone at the University!
- EAP User 

Thank you for your hard work in making all these resources available - it is much appreciated!

-EAP Participant, Workshop: Spotting Emotional Warning Signs in Teens

Flexible Work Arrangements

Great presentation. The speaker was very knowledgeable and engaging, and I really liked that she managed time so well. 

-Workshop Participant, "Work+Life Flexibility"

[This workshop gave] me a new perspective on scheduling, workloads and dealing with lives of employees on my team.

-Workshop Participant, Flexible Work Arrangements Panel

Housing & Relocation

Thank you again for taking so much time to sit and discuss the process with me — it was extremely helpful.

- Administrator, Columbia Business School

Thank you so much! Talking to you on the phone was extremely helpful, and your email really provides us with all the basics that we need to know to start our research.

- Faculty Recruit, Arts & Sciences

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour yesterday… We really appreciate your time and sharing all of your experience and insight.

- Associate Dean Recruit

Meeting with you was extremely helpful and I just closed on the apartment yesterday.  Talking with you provided the starting point for thinking things through and making this all happen so I am very grateful.

-Professor, Physicians & Surgeons, CUMC

Wellness Programs

I do want to thank you for having such a wonderful program available for the Columbia community! We really appreciate the fact that you help us in being proactively healthier.
-Walk to Wellness Participant

This is what I needed to get motivated to do some type of exercise. We are so tied to our desk, that we sometimes get afraid we will miss something. This was a good stress releaser.
-Walk to Wellness Participant

Absolutely great! Wonderful leaders...motivating, knowledgeable, and pleasant! Kudos for having this program.
- Walk to Wellness Participant

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge was a great and fun way for me to become more educated about healthy living and to help myself instill new habits. Thank you!

- Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Participant

Additional Work/Life Feedback

This was very interesting and helpful.  Thank you for getting such experienced presenters.

-Workshop Participant, Cut the Clutter and Get Organized

Thanks for being so welcoming!

-Professor, Columbia Law School

I think it is absolutely wonderful to see this on the roster of events being offered.  It is literally the first workshop I have seen in my almost 10 years working and studying here at the University on anything related to LGBT support/benefits. 

-Workshop Participant, Forming a Family: Legal Planning for LGBT New Yorkers

This is such a wonderful service to have!  Thank you for sending the workshop email.

-Senior Manager, Mailman School of Public Health

The work you do has deepened my relationship with the University. I am forever grateful.