First Grade Seats Available at Castle Bridge School

Castle Bridge,a new progressive, K-5 elementary school in District 6 of New York City will open in September 2012 with Kindergarten and First Grades. Castle Bridge is a Department of Education (DOE) school-of-choice that will admit students through a school-based application process, with admissions preference to District 6 students. Castle Bridge will add one grade each year until it serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade. All of the classes will be mixed-grade, and students will stay with their teachers for two years.

Castle Bridge will be modeled after Central Park East I, and the proposed school leader was the principal of Central Park East I for the past seven years. Central Park East I made the progressive education models (found in many private schools) available to public school families in under served neighborhoods.

Castle Bridge has a partnership with the Fortune Society, a Community-based organization that works to educate the public about criminal justice and supports reentry into community life.

Castle Bridge at a Glance:
  • New York City DOE Public School eventually serving grades K-5
  • Approximately 200 students at scale
  • Dual language (Spanish/English)
  • Progressive, project-based curriculum
  • Mixed-grade classroom
  • Special Education Teacher Support Services (SETSS) & Collaborative Team Teaching (CTT)
  • Arts-infused curriculum
  • Non- selective admissions
  • Uses the city as a classroom
  • Daily outdoor recreation

For more information on the School, please visit the School's website or contact Crystal Williams at 212-740-4701 or

Castle Bridge School is located on 560 West 169th Street, New York, New York 10032.