Flexible Work Arrangements

Columbia University recognizes the growing demands on faculty and staff who have both professional and personal responsibilities, as well as the increasing challenge of finding new and better ways to manage people, time, space, and workload effectively.  Flexible work arrangements (FWA's) are a critical resource for maintaining job satisfaction and quality of life among Columbia University staff.  FWA's may promote productivity, enhance job satisfaction, enable recruitment and retention of valuable staff, and reduce greenhouse emissions consistent with the University's environmental goals.

Browse this section to learn more about the FWA policy of Columbia, guidelines for initiating a FWA, types of FWA's available, and for training materials and information resources. 

Although not a FWA, those seeking greater job flexibility may also be interested in a part-time with benefits officer position. Please see the Human Resources website for more information.

Please note: The FWA information of this website provides a summary of the complete FWA policy and guidelines.  To read the complete policy and guidelines, visit the Human Resources website.

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