FWA Training and Resources

The following are additional resources and training materials to assist you and your department or school better understand the University policy, as well as to understand the benefits and opportunities that flexibility in the workplace provides.

Flexible Work Arrangement Training Materials

Flexible Work Arrangement Technology Tools

Flexible Work Resources

  • Families and Work Institute is a nonprofit center dedicated to providing research for living in today's changing workplace, changing family and changing community.  Flexibility is an area of focus for the institute.
  • Workplace Flexibility 2010 is a public policy initiative at Georgetown Law.   Since 2003, they have worked to create a deep substantive knowledge base on workplace flexibility through a systematic review of laws impacting workplace flexibility. In 2010, they aim to develop a comprehensive set of public policy recommendations and will lay the groundwork for implementation of meaningful workplace flexibility policy solutions.
  • The White House Forum on Workplace Flexibility: On March 31, 2010, President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and the White House Council on Women and Girls hosted a Forum on Workplace Flexibility.  The Forum sent a clear signal that expanding access to workplace flexibility has become a national priority - essential to supporting working families and strengthening our nation's economy.  Visit the Workplace Flexibility 2010 website for highlights of this event.
  • In 2014, President Obama  issued this Presidential Memorandum on enhancing workplace flexibility.

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