FWA Policy

Columbia University allows flexible work arrangements (FWAs) subject to meeting the needs and operational goals of the department with the approval of the department manager.  This policy applies to all officers of administration, libraries, and non-union support staff of Columbia University.

The University offers FWAs as a way to meet the needs of its staff, and strengthens the University's position as an employer of choice.  A FWA is any variation in scheduling work hours and/or location from the traditional on-campus daily pattern. 

The categories of available arrangements are:

  • Flextime
  • Telecommuting
  • Nine, Ten, and Eleven-Month Employment Programs

All formal FWAs must be approved by the department in advance and must allow the department to meet the business needs and operational goals. Departments decide whether to allow an individual to participate in a flexible work arrangement on a case by case basis.

Columbia University has established guidelines for initiating FWAs, detailed descriptions of the various options available, and clear guidelines for managing and implementing such arrangements. These supplemental materials provide concrete expectations of responsibilities and accountability, and help supervisors and staff consider potential ramifications of a proposed new arrangement.

The flexible work arrangement policy and the associated guidelines pertain to formal FWAs which occur on an on-going basis.  Short-term and/or non-recurring FWAs are permitted by this policy as well. Such arrangements do not require that the formal process be followed, but need to be approved in advance by the department manager. Short-term arrangements may include adjusting a work schedule for a determined period of time (i.e. a day, a week, etc.)

All FWAs must be reviewed and reapproved periodically, with the first review on a date established when the initial arrangement is made. FWAs may be revoked if business conditions change or job performance is negatively affected.

Please note: The FWA information of this website provides a summary of the complete FWA policy and guidelines.  To read the complete policy and guidelines, visit the Human Resources website.

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