Healthy Lifestyle Challenge 2013

Healthy Lifestyle Challenge Spring 2013

The Spring 2013 Healthy Lifestyle Challenge is complete!

Congratulations  Business School and Law School Healthy Lifestyle Challenge participants! It has been a remarkable journey.

Winning Teams

Business School

Contratulations to Business as Usual, who won with a score of 108.8 out of 120 total possible points.

Law School

Contratulations to Dean's Office, who won with a score of 114.0 out of 120 total possible points.

School Winner

Contratulations to the Columbia Law School who won with an average school participant score of 96.2 points.

Individual Winners

30% of participants earned 108 points or higher, placing them in the 90th percentile.

Well done everyone!  

About the 2013 HLC

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge ran from Monday, February 11, to Sunday, March 17, 2013.

Throughout the HLC, teams from the Columbia Business School and Columbia Law School competed amongst themselves and against the other school to earn points for healthy behaviors. Participants tracked their progress with a daily log, which was submitted weekly for scoring.  Please see this webpage for and overview of the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge.

Weekly Challenges

Each week of the five week program involved a different challenge.  Program participants received an email on the Friday before the new challenge with details, information, and resources.  The challenges were:

  • Week One: Eat 5, February 11 - 17
  • Week Two: Move 30, February 18 - 24
  • Week Three: Take 10, February 25 - March 3 
  • Week Four: Sleep 7, March 4 - 10 
  • Week Five: 4 Me, March 11 - 17 

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