Columbia Explores "How to Make Flex Work"

In March 2011, the Office of Work/Life hosted a panel presentation  for managers and supervisors to learn more about workplace flexibility, an important business strategy to help people better meet the demands of work and life. Participants received an overview of the Columbia University flexible work arrangements policy and had the opportunity to hear from a dean, and managers/supervisors from a few schools and departments who supervise people on flexible work arrangements (FWAs) about how they make it work. 

Watch the video of this event (run time of 1 hour, 10 minutes) featuring panelists: Nayla Bahri, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Business School; Kristine Billmyer, Dean, School of Continuing Education; Josh Burgher, Associate Dean for Finance and Planning, School of Continuing Education; Cheryl Ross, Controller, Department of Finance; and Maria Gerena, Employee Relations Specialist, Human Resources. The panel is moderated by Carol Hoffman, Associate Provost and Director of Work/Life.  


For additional information on workplace flexibility, visit the Flexible Work Arrangements webpage.