Life After Early Intervention - Free Talk on Feb. 13

For parents, entering Early Intervention is often difficult and stressful…
…But the thought of leaving it for whatever comes next can be even scarier.

Will your child still need therapy? What kinds? What type of preschool program is the right one?

If your child receives Early Intervention services and will be turning 3 in 2018, don’t miss this free presentation on “Life After EI: What’s Next?”

You will learn how to:

    Determine whether your child needs services after turning 3
    Obtain the best evaluations and guidance
    Find an appropriate preschool
    Set up the right therapy and preschool program
    Get the best outcome from your CPSE meeting

Date: Tuesday, February 13, 6:30-8:30pm
Location: The SMILE Center
171 Madison Avenue, 5th floor

For more information and registration information, please visit New York Special Needs Support.