New Lactation Rooms - Morningside & Midtown

The Office of Work/Life is pleased to announce the opening of two new lactation rooms as well as the expansion of an existing room.  

  • The Office of Work/Life has opened a new lactation room in William and June Warren Hall.  The room, located on the third floor, is equipped with a hospital grade pump with a refrigerator in the room and a sink nearby.  
  • In addition to the new room in Warren Hall, the existing lactation room in Uris Hall has been redesigned to include two private pumping areas, allowing two women to use the room simultaneously.  
  • A new lactation room is also available on the third floor of the Columbia Doctors building, 51 W. 51st Street between 5th and 6th Avenues.  The room is equipped with a hospital grade pump and a refrigerator.  
These rooms, part of the Office of Work/Life’s Breastfeeding Support Program, are accessible to faculty, staff, and students.  Contact the Office of Work/Life for access to lactation rooms on Columbia’s campuses.