Healthy Lifestyle Challenge

Program Overview

The Office of Work/Life's "Healthy Lifestyle Challenge"  

The Healthy Lifestyle Challenge (HLC) is a worksite wellness program developed by the Office of Work/Life that encourages Columbia employees to make positive changes which can lead to a healthier lifestyle. As an additional benefit, the Healthy Lifestyle Challenge serves to create increased levels of inter- and intra-departmental social exchange and contributes to a positive work culture. 

Why Do It?
  • Chronic conditions are among the leading causes of death in the United States although largely preventable with behavior adjustments
  • Administrative positions often encourage sedentary lifestyles and an office culture not conducive to healthy activity
  • Many individuals make New Year’s resolutions to change unhealthy behavior and lifestyle

Program Aims:
  • Increase employee satisfaction, energy, and overall health
  • Increase level of interdepartmental social exchange and positive work culture

When Is It?
Weekly challenges are developed for a five week period of time. Including registration and awards, the program lasts seven weeks total.

How It Works:
Each week, employees will be challenged to adopt of maintain a healthy lifestyle behavior.  
Week 1 - EAT 5: Eat five cups of fruits and vegetables each day
Week 2 - MOVE 30: Exercise for 30 minutes a day
Week 3 - TAKE 10: Take the time to relax at least 10 minutes each day
Week 4 - SLEEP 7: Sleep seven hours a night
Week 5 - 4 ME: Take care of yourself with daily health habits