Columbia Community Feedback

Child Care & Schooling

The listserv and its content is extremely useful...the childcare website is updated frequently and the information provided is accurate and its timeliness assists with school deadlines for those parents who are searching.

-School and Search Service Program User

Many thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to help me along the way with housing & childcare.  It would be a much more daunting and terrifying task without your experience and advice.

-Columbia Recruit

I wanted to thank you for all of the indispensable assistance that you have provided to our family throughout our pre-school search. As parents confronting it for the first time, the admissions process was a bit overwhelming and we are very thankful to have had somebody so patient and knowledgeable to assist us.

- Columbia Family Seeking Pre-School

When we started to look into choosing the right school over 6 months ago, I was completely ignorant about the many facets of this complex issue. Your help and expertise was extremely useful, and I learned so much about the many wonderful independent schools in New York as well as our needs and preferences as a family.

- International Family at Columbia