Flextime Guidelines

Flextime Options Available at Columbia University:

  • Fixed starting and departure times, which the staff member and manager select periodically. Agreed-upon starting and departure times that continue for a specified period of time, with the same number of hours worked each day.
  • Starting and departure times that can vary daily. With a personalized work schedule, a staff member may arrive at work and leave at a different time each day, provided that the same number of hours are worked each day.
  • Variations in the length of the workday (e.g. a seven-hour day followed by a ten-hour day).  This allows staff to work different hours each day, as long as the required number of hours in a standard work week is met.  
  • Compressed work schedules: Compressed work schedules provide employees with the opportunity to complete a full-time work week in fewer than five days (i.e. Four 8.75 hour days vs. Five 7 hour days).  Compressed work schedules are helpful to staff facing the pressure of work and personal demands; this schedule also benefits the environment by reducing commuting time and costs. Compressed work schedules permit staff to meet external demands, such as attending school, volunteering, or caring for family, without reducing their work load.
  • Customized work schedules: Unique business or personal situations may require managers to work individually with employees to establish a special schedule for a specific time period.  For example, a manager may customize the start or stop time for an employee to match public transportation time tables.
  • Part-time work:  Many employees see part-time employment as a way to balance work and family demands.  The University offers regular part-time employment for this purpose.