Requesting Flextime

Staff may request a flextime arrangement, or managers may restructure work schedules to create flextime opportunities.  As with all formal flexible work arrangements (FWAs), flextime schedules must be approved in advance by the department. 

The University advises staff that not all tasks are appropriate for flextime.  Departments will determine whether to allow a staff member to participate in flextime on a case by case basis in accordance with the needs, requirements, and constraints of both the department and the staff member. 

Departments must consider the following questions to determine if flextime is a viable work option:

  • How will flextime affect the unit's other work functions?
  • Can the manager measure results and productivity effectively without frequent and regular supervision?
  • Can the department provide accountability and clear performance expectations?
  • Can the department maintain its present level of customer service without undue hardship on customers, where "customers" may be internal or external to the department?
  • Can the department establish "core hours" for managing peak periods, coordinating work among staff, scheduling meetings, office events, etc.?
  • Can the department apply technology (computers, FAX, voice mail, etc.) to help facilitate successful outcomes?
  • How will the manager communicate assignments to the staff member?
  • How will this flextime arrangement affect cross-training initiatives, team-based approaches and other such strategies?

Departments should also consider the staff attributes when evaluating flextime as an option.  Certain attributes will help ensure a successful flextime arrangement. To be approved for flextime, the staff member should have excellent time management skills and a demonstrated history of satisfactory, independent work performance.

For more details on how to request flextime, including the proposal form, visit the Human Resources website.