Telecommuting Guidelines

In general, telecommuting is a privilege which managers may grant under appropriate circumstances, to high-performing staff whose job responsibilities are suited to such an arrangement.  Telecommuting may be applied to full-time and part-time positions.    

The following guidelines apply to telecommuting arrangements:

  • The department and staff member must agree in advance on a specific work schedule, including work days and hours.
  • Staff must be on-site as necessary to attend meetings, training sessions, or similar events.
  • Staff who telecommute must maintain a "normal" workload.
  • Staff who telecommute and are unable to work due to illness must use salary continuation or sick leave, and must report their absence to their supervisor.
  • Staff who telecommute and wish to be relieved of responsibility for work on a particular day or days must use vacation or personal leave.

To review the telecommuting guidelines in their entirety, including tax, insurance, and university property information, visit the Human Resources website.