Requesting a Telecommuting Arrangement

Staff who wish to telecommute must first discuss the request with their immediate supervisor, who must support and approve the request.  Staff may request a telecommuting arrangement, or a manager may restructure a work schedule to create telecommuting.  As with all FWAs, telecommuting schedules must be approved in advance by the department and should be put in writing.

The University advises staff that not all tasks are appropriate for FWAs. Departments will determine whether a staff member will be allowed to participate in a FWA case by case, and in accordance with the needs, requirements, and constraints of both the unit and the employee. 

Generally, requests to telecommute should be contemplated when:

  • The staff member has demonstrated sustained high performance, and when the manager believes the staff member can maintain the expected quantity and quality of work while telecommuting.
  • The department can maintain quality of service for students, faculty, and other members of the University community.
  • Telecommuting is appropriate considering the nature of the job.

Generally, requests to telecommute should not be contemplated when:

  • The job requires the staff member's physical presence or telecommuting would harm the school or department's efficiency.
  • The staff member's current assignment requires frequent supervision, direction or input from others who are on-site.
  • The staff member's performance evaluations do not indicate sustained high performance.
  • The staff member's observed productivity levels are problematic.
  • The staff member has received disciplinary action or has a demonstrated attendance problem.
  • The staff member has less than six months of service in the administrative unit or school.

For more details on how to request telecommuting arrangements, including the proposal form, visit the Human Resources website.