Nine, Ten, & Eleven-Month Program

Requesting a Nine, Ten, or Eleven Month Arrangement

Staff may request a Nine, Ten, and Eleven-Month position or a manager may restructure a work schedule to create a Nine, Ten, and Eleven-Month position.  When operationally feasible, departments may ask to designate a newly created or vacant regular full-time regular position as a Nine, Ten, and Eleven-Month position. 

The department is responsible for reviewing the request to participate in the Nine, Ten, and Eleven-Month program and determining whether the arrangement is operationally feasible. 

Staff members should be advised that not all tasks are appropriate for the Nine, Ten or Eleven Month Employment Program.  Departments will determine whether to allow a staff member to participate in a Nine, Ten or Eleven-Month Employment Program on a case by case basis, and in accordance with the needs, requirements, and constraints of both the unit and the staff member. 

Any Nine, Ten or Eleven-Month Employment Program agreement, or any other FWA, made as a condition of employment, cannot be revoked without approval of the department head and/or Human Resources. 

For more details on how to request telecommuting arrangements, including the proposal form, visit the Human Resources website.