Guidelines for Initiating FWAs

Staff: Initiating a FWA

Staff interested in a FWA should prepare a clear, realistic proposal that includes a strong business rationale for the arrangement.  Writing the proposal helps staff think through the issues from their own and other perspectives, and provides a document that staff and managers can use as a basis for discussion.  By taking ownership of the process, the staff member will have more control and a greater stake in the arrangement's success.

In summary, staff members should complete the proposal form and meet with his/her direct supervisor to discuss a FWA request. Modifications of the proposal form and additional meetings may be necessary.  If the FWA is approved, the staff member should work with his/her supervisor to develop an implementation plan and keep a final draft and signed proposal copy for his/her records.

For more information on initiating a FWA, please visit the Human Resources website.