Guidelines for Initiating FWAs

Managers: Reviewing FWA Proposals

Managers who receive a proposal request for a FWA should review and evaluate the proposal with an open mind and schedule a meeting with the employee to discuss the proposal.  Managers may want to consider consulting their department's HR representative, HR Client Manager, and/or the Office of Work/Life to discuss the proposal.

It is the managers responsibility to accept or decline the proposal and meet with the staff member to inform him/her of the decision as soon as possible.  Decisions about FWA's should be made on the basis of whether business and operational goals can be met under the proposed arrangement; the staff members personal reason is not a determining factor in the process.  People want to work differently for diverse and compelling personal reasons. Managers should not be in the business of judging those reasons.  Their focus must be on the impact of a change on the organization and on the value that might be added by working differently.

If the proposal is accepted, the manager and the staff member should develop an implementation plan, discuss timekeeping issues, and expectations and deliverables. The manager would then communicate the change to the department and any necessary business partners. If the proposal is denied, the manager should schedule a meeting with the staff member to explain the business rationale.

For more information on reviewing and approving a FWA proposal, please visit the Human Resources website.