Senior Housing

General Guidelines

There are many types of housing arrangements available for senior citizens, which range from adapting a home to living in communities with daily living support and amenities. Before making a choice, you should assess present needs and try to visualize future needs, as they will change in time.

These questions might help you when assessing a move to a facility:

•Will your family member need to move to another care arrangement at sometime in the future?
•Are these facilities available in the community, and how much will they cost?
•How are you going to pay for housing and services, now and in the future?
•If the housing facility requires substantial deposit at the time of admission, will some of the money be returned if your relative decides to leave?
•What guarantees do you have that the facility is financially secure?
•Is the housing facility licensed?
•What living conditions and services does the program offer?
•Will the program meet your relative’s current health and safety needs, and those you may anticipate?
•Who will decide what services your relative receives?
•How much independence will he or she have?
•What are your relative’s legal rights if he or she disagrees with the facility?

Based on “Housing Options for Seniors.” Document created by Harris, Rothenberg International, Inc.