Local Hotels


Following is a sampling of hotels in Manhattan, located on the West Side with easy access to Columbia, ranging from economy to luxury. Prices will vary depending on the time of year, with September through December typically being the most expensive.

Three separate taxes plus additional charges apply to hotel room rentals in New York City; New York State sales tax - 4%; New York City sales tax – 8.875%; New York City hotel room occupancy tax – 5.875%; $1.50/day per unit and $2.00/day per room.

The hotels listed below are classified in the following price ranges.
(E) = Economy; Less than $140/night for a standard room.
(B) = Budget; $140 - $200/night for a standard room.
(M) = Moderate; $200 - $300/night for a standard room.
(L) = Luxury; $300/night and higher for a standard room.

* Indicates hotels that provide Columbia University corporate rates.

Additionally, the following is information about Columbia Preferred Hotels and 2016 New York City Hotel Rates.