Test and Test Prep

Admission Testing

The following document contains an overview of information about different admission tests to find out information regarding:

  • Tests’ website
  • Test Dates
  • Scores
  • Available Samples
  • Costs
  • Registration information
  • Accommodation
Lists of Different Admission Tests


What test does my child have to take? 

Specialized Public High Schools

  • SHSAT (Grades 8 or 9)

Catholic High Schools

  • TACHS (Grade 8)

Boarding Schools

  • SSAT (Grades 3-11)

Public – Hunter Elementary School

  • modified version of Stanford-Binet (K)

Gifted and Talented/Elementary Schools

OLSAT and NNAT2 (PreK-2)

Independent Schools (dependent on grade level)

 ECAA (PreK-4)  ISEE (Grades 2-12)
SSAT (Grades 3-11)