Accessing Lactation Rooms

Getting Started

To get started using any of the Columbia Lactation Rooms, just follow these steps:

1. Request access: Please contact the Office of Work/Life at 212-854-8019 to request access to the campus lactation rooms. It is best to do this at least ten days in advance of your use of the room if possible, however, we will do our best to accomodate same/next day requests.  Access is provided either by a key pad code or by card swipe using your CUID card.  Please note:  Room access codes will be changed periodically to ensure appropriate access and safety.  The Office of Work/Life will communicate to all current users about the change in access in advance.

2. Obtain breast pump attachments: Each lactation room is equipped with a Medela Symphony electric, hospital grade pump (with some exceptions noted below). You will need to bring your own attachments for the Symphony pump, which are available in one package (Symphony Double Pumping Kit). To obtain the double pumping kit for the Medela Symphony pump, you can purchase through online retailers such as these:

You can also visit the Medela website, to find a local store.

For added convenience, the Office of Work/Life also has the Symphony Double Pumping Kit available for purchase on campus for $30 (payable by cash or check).  Please contact to make arrangements for purchase.

You may also want to review the Symphony pump instructions (linked at the bottom of the page) before your first visit. Breastfeeding mothers may also bring their own pump to and from the lactation room on a daily basis, but will be responsible for securing it against theft or use by others.

3. Plan for storage/cooling: Refrigeration/storage is provided in some, not all, of the lactation rooms on campus, so be prepared to store your breast milk as needed. Columbia University is not responsible for the security or integrity of breast milk stored in or outside of the lactation room refrigerator.