Back-Up Care

User Feedback

Here's what faculty and staff who have used back-up care have to say:

  • "I just want to let you know these people are terrific! ... This is a wonderful, valuable benefit and I thank you for the information and for whatever you did to help set it up."
  • "This benefit has been enormously helpful--the sole bright spot in this affair!"
  • "The extensive flexibility of the back-up care program was one of the main reasons I chose to come onboard with CU. My children attend a group daycare center that has a very strict illness policy, they will not allow children who show any signs of illness upon arrival to attend that day.  Unfortunately, my children have allergies, and their allergy symptoms are similar to flu/cold symptoms, which meant that my husband and I both missed a number of days from work due to the children's allergies. Because I was using my vacation days to stay home with the kids, I wasn't able to accumulate enough days to go on an actual vacation, so the situation had a real impact on my professional life and my personal life.  While I certainly don't look forward to my children's next bad allergy day or illness, I do feel much more at ease knowing that we have a contingency plan available that includes home care for my kids."
  • "Yes, I am very happy with the back-up care program. I highly recommend it.  My story: My nanny of 2 years quit unexpectedly 3 weeks ago. I called Bright Horizons to arrange intermittent babysitting along with my husband and I taking some personal days. The first time I called was the day before I needed someone to take care of the kids.  I have two kids, 6 months and 3 years. Work Options found a babysitter who came to the house. She was great with the 2 kids, and my 3 year old really liked her.  I have been using the backup care as we look for a new nanny, and I have been using the same babysitter who came the first day. I was able to request a specific person and it has been a huge help, and a little peace of mind knowing that my kids have some consistency during this transition. Bright Horizons calls back quickly with confirmation of care and also sends an email to confirm."
  • "I heard my first experience of back-up care from a colleague. She used the backup care and it was great! She lives in Manhattan, has a 9 year old who had two days between school and her vacation activity. The woman who took care of her was lovely and she took the child to museums, parks, etc. Bright Horizons and the local agency were all very professional and it was just a totally positive experience for this employee who otherwise would have had to bring her daughter to work with her!"
  • "Wonderful! Thank you! Our students thank you!"
  • "I just wanted to personally say thank you for all those who were involved in making this possible. My son goes to private school and they get a lot more days off than public schools...and many times I had to use vacation days because I could not find babysitters. This is a great benefit for working families. Thank you! This is such a blessing."
  • "I am so glad to see Columbia joining many American employers who acknowledge families need back-up support to be productive, happy workers."
  • "I used this service over the summer when my full-time babysitter was stuck out of the country. My husband and I both work full time and while we have a usually very reliable babysitter for our 3 children, we don't really have any other fall back options when she is unavailable.  This program is incredibly helpful. The babysitter that we obtained was lovely and professional and knowing that I know have access to this definitely gives me some peace of mind. Thank you!"
  • "I used this program once. It was fantastic (professional, prompt, caring) and I immediately emailed many of my working-mom colleagues to share the information. It is very reassuring to know that this safety net exists. It is one of the best benefits that the University offers to working families. Thank you."
  • "I would just like to thank you and the University for this program. I do not have children so cannot give feedback on the program but I just wanted you to know that those of us without kids (yet) are excited to see the introduction of this program. Having worked at the University for six years, I do plan to start a family one day and can do so with peace of mind, knowing my employer is supportive. Thank in you advance!"
  • "Back-up care has been a godsend for our family. My mom has a malignant brain tumor. Our family has been taking turns caring for her at home. As she nears the end, she now requires 24 hr/day care. This benefit has enabled us to keep her at home at a reasonable cost - without disrupting our work lives. The service has been efficient, compassionate and of the highest quality. The home health aid caring for my mom through the night was more helpful in her first night than hospice, visiting nurse and the hospital social worker combined."
  • "I am so proud to work for an organization that provides this benefit. In my mind it is a win-win-win. Employees are able to continue working, affording them both salary and normalcy during difficult times. Employers retain staff and patients/children are kept safe."
  • "I am using the back-up care program to help out my mother, who is in Michigan. She is having knee surgery on Friday and her insurance company's home health service doesn't work weekends, so, Backup Care. My experience so far has been very positive. I am deeply impressed with the level of customer service I'm receiving. Thank you for this fantastic program. I would never be able to afford to help her without it."