Back-Up Care

Examples of When You Might Use Back-Up Care

If the situation requires you to take time away from your work or miss a professional gathering, the Back-Up Care Advantage Program® can work for you.

Adult Care:

  • Your older parent, friend, or in-law lives alone. He or she has a change in health status - a stroke, a fall, a progressive illness - and will no longer be able to live independently. You are helping him/her find a permanent care solution, but it is taking longer than you expected. Back-up care can provide a health aide in his/her home so that you do not need to miss work while searching for permanent care alternatives.
  • You are the caregiver for a disabled adult at nights and on weekends, and you need to go to a conference out of town. Back-up care can provide an in-home caretaker to care for him or her while you are away.
  • An older parent, friend, relative, or in-law lives in another state and their usual care attendant is on vacation for a week. Back-up care can arrange for a substitute until the attendant returns from vacation.

Child Care:

  • You typically get the children up and to school in the morning but you have to go out of town for a conference and your partner or spouse must leave early for work.  Back-up care can arrange for someone to come to your home, wake the kids, and get them to school - every day until you return.
  • You have a child with special needs whose care is split between day care and home care. But the day care center is closed for the day, and the home care attendant cannot come in for the full day. Back-up care can send you a qualified home care attendant to fill in.
  • Your spouse or partner is in the hospital; and you need help taking care of the children. Back-up care can arrange for an in-home sitter or care at a child care center until he or she is able to help out again.

For information about the Back-Up Care Advantage Program® and to register for care, visit the Bright Horizons website.