Breastfeeding Support Guide for Managers and Supervisors

Space for Expressing Milk

  • Columbia University and the Office of Work/Life works to meet the needs of mothers who are expressing milk by providing lactation rooms on each campus. 
  • A supervisor should help facilitate conversations around finding an appropriate place to express milk and refer the employee to the Office of Work/Life.
  • As there is always a need for additional lactation rooms, if you know of or manage a space that could be converted into a lactation room, please contact the Office of Work/Life.

Examples of Reasonable Spaces for Expressing Milk:

  • Any lactation room on one of Columbia University’s campuses
  • A private office that can be secured and is visually private
  • A small, unused conference room that can be secured and is visually private
  • An area within a restoom that is separated from the restroom facility by a door
Please be aware that in the absence of a door separating the room, a public restroom is not an appropriate place to pump.