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Determine Where to Live

Determine where to live

Since where you live is dependent on what you can afford, it is a good idea to understand apartment costs in different neighborhoods. One of the best websites for understanding the New York market is . Since the website pools from many sources, it has a wide range of listings in different neighborhoods throughout the five boroughs of New York City.

As in any big city, crime and safety are always a concern. You can gather some interesting information and statistics about crime and safety on the following websites.

Besides affordability and safety, some other considerations in determining where to live include proximity to your employment, proximity to transportation, convenience to shopping, children’s childcare and schooling, and proximity to your social connections.

Neighborhood Guides

There are several good neighborhood guides to help you determine if a certain neighborhood is where you would like to live.

Some of the more affordable areas in Manhattan are close to Columbia campuses:

Upper East Side (East of Third Avenue), Morningside Heights, South Harlem, Central Harlem, East Harlem, Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, Hudson Heights, and Inwood.