Rental Guide

Submit an Application

Submit an application

When you have found an apartment you would like to rent, you will be asked to fill out a rental application and submit documents verifying your income and financial viability (see Section 3). Your references and credit will be checked at this point.  The approval process takes one to seven business days.

The application is usually one page and states there will be a credit check, as well as verification of assets, references, checking account, employer and income information.

If you have bad credit, then consider subletting an apartment until credit can be repaired. Otherwise a larger security deposit may be required and you might need to pay more months of rent upfront. Some helpful information about repairing credit can be obtained on

Ask if the lease can be sent to you before you need to sign it.  Read it carefully (see Section 6).

Google search the landlord and check the building on

Check Craig’s List for a list of ways to avoid scams – - and:

  • If a real estate agent is involved, check to confirm the real estate agent is licensed in New York State (see Section 4).
  • Besides the application fee, all other payments are made in certified checks at lease signing.
  • Check to ensure the property is legitimately available for rent.
  • Get receipts for any deposits or payments you make.
  • Avoid cash payments. Credit cards and personal checks leave a paper trail.
  • Get copies of all documents, including checks, money orders, the application, receipts, and the lease.