Moving Guide



Having a plan will make unpacking the entire contents of your home or apartment after a move much easier.  The order in which you unpack your belongings will be based on what items you will need immediately versus those which you can wait to use.  If you have an inventory list handy, you may want to reference this as you unpack to make sure that you are not missing anything.  When you packed your belongings at your old home or apartment, you should have a box of essentials labeled “Last Box Packed / First Box Unpacked”, which are unpacked first.

Next, you want to unpack important kitchen items.  Make sure to put away your dishware, glasses, silverware, and cooking utensils.  If you have many kitchen items that are not used for daily meals, such as decorative dishware, gourmet utensils, etc., you can wait to unpack these at a leisurely rate.  You want to make sure that you have what you need on a daily basis first.

You should unpack your bedroom items next while it’s still early in the day—nobody wants to save this job until last and realize late in the evening that they have to put together beds and make the beds up with linens.  Put together your bedframes and place the mattresses on them (if your movers did not already do this for you), and make the beds up with sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases.  If you have bedroom furniture that needs assembly, this can wait.  As long as you have access to the boxes with your clothing and shoes in them, you can assemble furniture at your leisure.

Following this, unpack your bathroom items (if you have multiple bathrooms at your new home, unpacking one bathroom for now will suffice).  Make sure you unpack hand soap, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, medicines, toilet paper, shower curtains, towels, and anything else you use every day.  Again, once you have the essentials in place, you can unpack the rest at a more comfortable pace.

Now you want to make a plan as to where you would like your large furniture to be placed.  Once you know for sure where each large item should go, assemble it in the actual space in which you intend to put it.  One of the first items you should put together is your kitchen or dining room table so that you will have a place to eat your meals.  Other large items like television stands, china cabinets, hutches, armoires, and writing desks may be able to wait, and you can assemble them at your own pace once you have made your initial plan where to put everything. 

Rental Furniture
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