Weight Watchers at Work

Program Information, Meeting Locations, and Enrollment

The Weight Watchers at Work program offers participants:

  • Guidance from a Weight Watchers leader and support from peers
  • Convenience to attend either an At Work meetings or a meeting in the community
  • Free eTools, the Internet companion to meetings

Free Open House meetings are offered each semester for anyone who is interested in enrolling in the program. Membership for WW at Work series includes “At Work” meetings and access to eTools online.The length of the series will be either 12 or 17 weeks pending enrollment numbers (15 person minmium enrollment for 12 weeks and 20 person minimum enrollment for 17 weeks).

Payment is required at the intro session if you plan to enroll in the program (payment plans are an option). 


There are no current meetings on this campus.


There is currently a series running on the Medical Center Campus.  Click here for more information.


There are no current meetings on this campus.

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO):

There are no current meetings on this campus. 


There are many other Weight Watchers groups being held in the local community. For your convenience, the following links provide details on groups being offered near the Morningside and CUMC campuses.

For more information about these meetings, please attend the open house session or contact the Office of Work/Life at worklife@columbia.edu