Walk to Wellness: Spring 2018

Walking Tips

Tips for Lunch Time Walkers 

  • Schedule your lunchtime walk in Outlook or your work calendar. Think of it as an important appointment, which it is! If you can, keep everything you'll need for walking at work. This way you won't find yourself saying "I forgot my shoes. I can't go."
  • Recruit a couple of work colleagues to join you in the program. You can keep each other on track.
  • Depending on your walking pace, the weather, and your tendency to sweat during exercise, you may be able to wear your work clothes and just switch to athletic shoes. Or you may prefer to slip on a t-shirt. If you're walking briskly, you'll heat up after about 10 minutes, so avoid the tendency to overdress. You'll be MOVING, not sitting in the fresh air!
  • Pick a route where you can grab a sandwich at the end of your walk, or make sure you bring a healthy lunch.

*The above tips were obtained from the American Heart Association (AHA).  Access the Start! Walking program webpage for additional articles on injury prevention, stretching, attire, and more.

Tracking Your Steps

In order to assess your progress and assure that you reach your goals, it is recommended that you log your workouts. There are many methods and tools available to log your workout--a simple notebook, a walking log that you can print out, or an online tracking tool.  Some online tracking tools that you may want to consider are the Columbia University's CUMove program and the AHA Start! Daily Walking Guide.