Vacancy in the Community Education Council in District 3

The Community Education Council for the District 3 NYC public schools has a membership vacancy.  As some of Columbia's housing is located in District 3, this opportunity may be of interest. If you are the parent of a child in any of the following schools, you are eligible to apply for the membership position:

PS 9;  PS 145;  PS 149;   PS 163;   PS 165;   PS 166; PS 180; PS 185; PS 191; PS 208; PS 241; PS 242; MS 44; MS 245; MS 247; MS 241; MS 250; MS 256; MS 258; PS 334; MS 421;  PS 452; FDA II; Mott Hall II

Community Education Council Members:
• Promote the achievement of educational standards
• Provide assistance to School Leadership Teams
• Play a role in evaluating the Community Superintendent
• Approve zoning lines submitted by the Community Superintendent 

The application deadline is Friday, January 28th. 

For more information, or to obtain an application, contact your school’s Parent Coordinator or contact CEC3 Administrative Assistant Mary Kane at or 212- 678- 2782.

Please send completed applications to:
154 West 93rd Street – Room 204
New York, NY 10025
FAX:  212-222-7816