Weight Watchers Upends Its Point System

Weight Watchers unveiled its first major overhaul to its points system, prompting the 750,000 members who attend weekly meetings across the United States - and some one million online adherents - to rethink how they shop, cook and eat.

The new plan, company officials say, is based on scientific findings about how the body processes different foods. The biggest change: All fruits and most vegetables are point-free (or free of PointsPlus, as the new program is called). Processed foods, meanwhile, generally have higher point values, which roughly translates to: should be eaten less.

Read this New York Times article to learn more about the new Weight Watchers Points Plus system, and members reactions to the change, or visit the Weight Watchers website for more information.

The Office of Work/Life currrently coordinates Weight Watchers at Work programs at the CUMC and Morningside campuses, and can help to coordinate on the Lamont and Manhattanville, if there is a sufficient number of interested participants.