Weight Watchers at Work

About Weight Watchers

There is more to losing weight than shedding pounds. You need a long-term, well-rounded approach to healthy eating and living-one that meets your unique needs and helps you reach your personal goals.  Join Weight Watchers at Work to access a wealth of resources and receive support in your weight loss efforts. You'll get everything you need to lose weight and keep it off.  

At your first Weight Watcher’s meeting, your leader will conduct a private and confidential weigh in with you and will also work to set up your first weight loss goal. Each meeting is a discussion with your leader, with a new topic each week. Topics range from stress-eating to family meal ideas. You will also be taught how to follow the PointsPlus program to help you keep track of what you are eating and stay within your personalized daily points allotment.

When you sign up for Weight Watchers at Work, you will also be given access to Weight Watchers eTools.  eTools allows you to keep track of how many points you use each day, as well as, chart your progress, and find recipe ideas.

Meeting Locations

Morningside campus:

There will be a free Open House meeting on Monday, September 8, 2014 to  start the next Weight Watchers at Work series! Membership for WW at Work series includes “At Work” meetings and access to eTools online.The length of the series will be either 12 or 17 weeks pending enrollment numbers (15 person minmium enrollment for 12 weeks and 20 person minimum enrollment for 17 weeks).

Payment is required at the intro session if you plan to enroll in the program (payment plans are an option). 

The first official week of the program will be Monday,September 15, pending the minimum enrollment requirement.

Free Open House Session:

  • Date: Monday,September 8, 2014
  • Time 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.
  • Location: Trustees Room, 212 Low Library
  • Presenter: Weight Watchers Meeting Leader
  • Register


The group currently meets on Wednesdays at 5:15 p.m.  There will be a free Open House meeting on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 for anyone interested in joining the ongoing series.

Free Open House Session

  • Date: Wednesday, September 10, 2014
  • Time: 5:00 - 6:00 p.m.
  • Location:Hammer Health Science Building, room LL207
  • Presenter: Weight Watchers Meeting Leade
  • Register

For more information and room locations, please go to this website or contact Christine Rein .


There are no current meetings on this campus. 

Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory (LDEO):

There are no current meetings on this campus. 


There are many other Weight Watchers groups being held in the local community. For your convenience, the following links provide details on groups being offered near the Morningside and CUMC campuses.

Program Enrollment

The Weight Watchers at Work program offers participants:

  • Guidance from a Weight Watchers leader and support from peers
  • Convenience to attend either an At Work meetings or a meeting in the community
  • Free eTools, the Internet companion to meetings

Morningside Meeting

Registration for the Spring 2014 series must be done at the open house meeting on Monday, January 27, 2014.  Membership for WW at Work series includes “At Work” meetings and access to eTools online.

Payment is required at the intro session if you plan to enroll in the program (payment plans are an option). 

For more information about this meeting, please attend the open house session or contact the Office of Work/Life at worklife@columbia.edu.

CUMC Meeting

Registration for the ongoing Weight Watchers At Work is done through the purchase of a Weight Watchers Monthly Pass.  The cost is $39.95 per month. The pass will automatically renew each month until you decide to cancel.

To register, participants must go the Weight Watchers online portal, designed for Columbia University Medical Center Meetings.  The instructions are as follows:

  • Go to the portal
  • Enter the Columbia University ID and Passcode

o    ID: 40900
o    Passcode: WW40900

  • Provide requested information and create your own username and password. Continue to the next page.

o    For “Company Address” enter your campus location (Morningside, Manhattanville, CUMC,   or Lamont). 
o    Then check the box agreeing to share your name with Columbia, so that the Office of Work/Life can notify you when there is a sufficient number of people to start the At Work sessions.

  • Continue to the screen requesting you to select a meeting location.  The CUMC "At Work" meeting will appear at the top of the screen.  Click "monthly pass" under that meeting to complete your registration and payment.

A complete list of step by step registration instructions can be viewed here.

If you experience any difficulty registering, please call Weight Watchers at 1-866-204-2885 or email wellnesshelp@weightwatchers.com.


Program flyers are available on request. Contact worklife@columbia.edu.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am already a Weight Watchers Member, how can I enroll through the Columbia portal to attend “At Work” meetings?
  • Call Customer Service at 1‐866‐204‐2885
  • Let the representative know that you are signing up as a new customer through the portal, you need to cancel your current account, and you want to keep your old information in the new account.
  • If any refund is due, the representative will process this.
  • Make sure you have the correct username and password.
  • Go back to the registration page and register.

If I am a Weight Watchers lifetime member, can I attend the “At Work” meetings?
Yes, lifetime members can attend these meetings for free, as long as they weigh in at a Weight Watchers meeting at least once a month and are within 2 pounds of their goal weight.  

Can I use my flexible spending account to pay for my enrollment in Weight Watchers?
The IRS does allow enrollment in weight loss programs to be included as a medical expense in your FSA if it is for the treatment of specific diseases (obesity, heart disease, hypertension) as diagnosed by a physician.  Please read the specific eligibility requirements outlined by the IRS for more information.

How quickly will members receive their Monthly Pass after purchase?
Members have the ability to print out a temporary card after activation of their Monthly Pass before their permanent pass arrives in the mail, which means they can start attending meetings the same day of purchase. A permanent Monthly Pass is mailed to each member’s home each month as long as his or her account remains active.

How do I print a temporary card?

  • Log in and click “My Profile” located at the top of every page on the site.
  • Click the “Monthly Pass Temporary Card” link in the My Account box.
  • Print the page.

Is a credit or debit card required to purchase Monthly Pass?
Yes, a credit card or debit card is required. Flexible Spending Account Debit Cards cannot be processed for a Monthly Pass purchase. However, you may request a receipt for your weekly fees and you may submit the receipt to your insurance company if they authorize weight loss services reimbursement and also for your Flexible Spending Account.

Is an e­mail address required to purchase a Monthly Pass?
Yes, an e-mail address is required.

How does a Monthly Pass payment plan work?
Monthly Pass offers members the flexibility to attend meetings anywhere. It is a recurring billing model, which renews each month at the standard monthly plan fee ($39.95) until you cancel.  Your credit card will be charged up to 15 days prior to the end of your second month, and each month thereafter, to ensure you receive your new Monthly Pass on time. An e-mail address and a credit card or debit card are required.

Do I have to cancel my Monthly Pass if I want to stop being charged?
Members can cancel their Monthly Pass through their WeightWatchers.com account, by e-mail or mail. Note that we cannot process cancellation requests at meeting locations. To cancel Monthly Pass, follow the instructions below:

  • Login to weightwatchers.com and visit the “Help” or “My Profile” areas
  • E‐mail cancelmonthlypass@weightwatchers.com
  • Call Weight Watchers Customer Service at 1-800-651-6000
  • Write to: Weight Watchers North America, PO Box 307, Jericho, NY 11753

I see two charges on my credit card during the first month after purchasing my Monthly Pass? Is this correct?
Your credit card will be charged up to 15 days prior to the end of your second month, and each month thereafter, to ensure you receive your new Monthly Pass on time. For this reason, you will see two charges on your credit card for the first month, and one charge each subsequent month.

I know the meeting has already started. Is it too late for me to sign up?
With Monthly Pass, you can subscribe at any time and attend the At Work meeting.

I already have a Monthly Pass subscription. Can I attend the At Work meeting?
Yes, all Monthly Pass members are welcome to attend the At Work meeting.

What do I need to bring to a meeting if I attend locally?
Monthly Pass allows you the flexibility to attend local meetings as well as At Work meetings. Just bring your Monthly Pass and any other supplies you would normally bring to At Work meetings (e.g. weight books, program material).

If my Monthly Pass gives me the flexibility to attend in my community how will my At Work Leader know I attended in my local community?
Your Service Provider will check your weight tracker booklet to confirm attendances. Since your weight tracker follows you as an individual regardless of where you attend, your leader will know when you attend other meetings.

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