A message to the Columbia University Community

From Amy Rabinowitz, Director, Office of Work/Life

As we all adjust to new realities in light of COVID, please know that the Office of Work/Life is committed to supporting you in whatever ways possible.  We are working to share timely resources such as additional guidance on remote work and information for parents navigating the challenges of working at home while also supporting the at-home educational needs of children. 

As we all seek new ways to manage our stress in these uncertain times, we invite you to take advantage of online well-being tools, including guided meditations and online yoga videos. We have many virtual classes in our well-being video library

We were able to record our Spring virtual workshops and you will find the recordings in our video library.

All of our usual consultation services (child care and schooling, housing, and dual career) remain available by phone, email, or zoom.    

As much as we would like to, we cannot fully resolve the many challenges everyone is facing in light of these unprecedented circumstances. Nonetheless, as we navigate the uncertainty, please call on us if there are questions or concerns with which we might be able to assist.  We will keep these pages updated with new information as we move forward.