Spring 2022: A message to the Columbia University Community

From Amy Rabinowitz, Director, Office of Work/Life

When pondering the theme for this winter into spring message, I was finding it difficult to settle on something.  It has been feeling like we are still awash with challenges, not aided by the cold, icy, snowy weather we’ve been experiencing. (I’m a summer-loving person myself!)  Our fall optimism about the dissipation of COVID retreated as we confronted Omicron but now maybe, just maybe, that optimism and hard work will bring us a brighter spring.  So, the theme of this page is transitions.

Looking ahead, the Office of Work/Life anticipates that everyone is facing their own set of transitions—maybe you’re returning some additional days to campus or settling back into routines; maybe you’re thinking about growing your family with a new member or a new pet; your child may have successfully settled into a new school or might be getting ready to graduate; an older loved one may need some extra attention; or maybe you’re ready to buy a new home. Whatever stage you’re in, whatever transition you’re anticipating, we urge you to be sure to look after your own well-being as you move ahead. 

Hoping that this spring we might be able to bring colleagues together in-person for a few workshops, we’re transitioning to a new format and will first communicate programs for February and March, and then for later spring into early summer. We’ll again emphasize community in our offerings, whether they be virtual or on-site. It is with our Columbia community that together, we have proven we can handle any transition. We ask you again to treat each other with empathy and grace as we take more steps ahead. So, check out our new options and our ‘rewind’ options, and join us in looking forward.