Early Education Division of Continuing Schools

There are a wide range of independent (tuition based) elementary through high schools available in the New York Area. 

Independent schools are licensed by the NY State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and some are members of the NY State Association of Independent Schools. Most NYC Independent Schools offer programs beginning at Kindergarten and continue through 8th or 12th grade.  

A limited number of programs have an Early Childhood Division which enroll children after they turn two or three years of age.  Independent school's primary point of entry is for Kindergarten.  Once children enroll in the Early Childhood Division they are generally offered continued admission through graduation at the end of the school's program.

A limited number of early childhood divisions of continuing independent schools provide a Pre-K program and these programs serve as feeders into the schools' elementary programs. 

The term "continuing" means that these schools, while having early childhood divisions for children younger than 5, continue to serve students in grades Kindergarten and beyond. 

Beyond their early childhood divisions, the grades served by these schools varies.  Some serve children through grade 5 or grade 8 while others continue through grade 12.   

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Religiously affiliated schools offer an education that promotes religious beliefs and values.  All vary on the grade during which the religious education begins.  Because some of these schools receive financial support from large governing organizations (such as the Archdiocese) there is an effort to keep the tuitions more affordable than other independent schools. 

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