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In recognition of the impact that relocation can have on the whole family, the Office of Work/Life offers services to ease that transition.

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Faculty Spouse/Partner Dual Career Service

If you are a newly-recruited faculty member, Columbia offers dual career services to assist your accompanying spouse/partner with the challenges of conducting non-faculty job searches in a new location.  Spouse/partner dual career services are provided as a resource only and do not create an entitlement to nor guarantee of employment. 

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Housing and Relocation

The Housing Information and Referral Service provides individual consultations on renting or purchasing apartments and homes within commuting distance of Columbia University campuses. The service is available to all faculty, including faculty being recruited to the University, and to all other Columbia University employees.

If you are a faculty member or visiting scholar looking for a sublet, please visit our Faculty Sublet page.  If you do not yet have a uni, please contact Alice Lesman for sublet information. 

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Early Education, Child Care, & K-12 Schooling

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible, even if you have not made a final decision about your move to NYC.  In many cases, the admissions process begins the year before a child enters a program or school.

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Back-Up Care

Back-up Care is for the care of adults/elders, children, or yourself for those situations when normal care arrangements are interrupted or when short-term care is required but you still need to perform your work responsibilities. Coverage is available 24/7, nationwide and in some international locations.

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Adult and Elder Care 

Adult and Elder Care Services are provided through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The EAP offers a network of specialized services, such as information research, referral, and short-term counseling. The EAP can help you and your household members with adult/elder care management as well as mental health issues. This program also offers life coaching, convenience services, webinars, and access to retail discounts.

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Related Work/Life Benefits and Policies

Learn more about Columbia University benefits and policies designed to support your work/life needs.

University Partners

The Office of Work/Life is pleased to work with other departments across the University to support Columbia faculty.

Need more help?

The Office of Work/Life team can meet together with recruits to discuss multiple relocation needs at one time.