Setting up a Lactation Room

Having a formal Lactation Room ensures that faculty, staff, and students have a private, secure space to express their breast milk without having to make special arrangements each time they need to pump.

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If you are interested in developing a Lactation Room in your department or school, the following guidelines will help you arrange a space that will fit the needs of lactating mothers. The set-up for an adequate Lactation Room can be accomplished with minimal investment in space and cost.

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Lactation Room Features

An adequate lactation room should be a private room (not a bathroom) and should have the following features:

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Office of Work/Life staff will be responsible for managing access to the room and will work with a designated building representative to ensure that the room is properly maintained and on a regular cleaning schedule.

Please contact the Office of Work/Life if you would like to discuss setting up a room in your building or department.