Past Event

How to Execute a Flexible, Hybrid Operating Model

October 12, 2021
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

In this 90-minute LIVE* webinar, Cali Williams Yost, CEO and Founder of the Flex+Strategy Group (CBS ‘95), will provide a strategic overview of how to develop and implement a hybrid work model. She will explain how flexible, hybrid work differs from the traditional place-based work model by shifting the primary focus from “where you go” to “what you need to do” and then determining how, when and where the work is done best. The following questions will be addressed:

  • WHAT is a flexible, hybrid operating model?
  • WHY can a flexible, hybrid operating model help your unit?
  • HOW can you Execute the “Where, When, How” Hybrid Guardrails within which your unit will operate?
  • WHAT are the skills and tools that managers, teams and employees need to trust each other and share accountability as they execute the work in a flexible, hybrid operating model?

*Webinar will also be recorded for future viewing by those who can’t attend the LIVE presentation.

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