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Paying for College: Presented By College Coach

October 14, 2020
8:00 PM - 9:00 PM
While students are working diligently to get into college, parents are facing the daunting question of how much college will cost. This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of the various resources and strategies families use to cover college expenses. Families will learn: • Where financial assistance comes from and how to maximize eligibility • How aid eligibility is determined and tricky caveats hidden in the fine print • The most effective way to appeal the initial financial aid award or negotiate for more funds • Effective strategies to employ when spending assets on college • Key considerations when selecting the right education loan This webinar will provide stress reduction strategies for parents who are overseeing their children’s remote learning. We will focus on (a) setting and maintaining realistic expectations for you and your child, (b) strategies for preserving a warm relationship with your child and minimizing conflict during this time, and (c) ensuring that your child is receiving optimal support from her school setting. There will be time preserved for Q&A with webinar participants.

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