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Reclaiming Our Doodles: A Narrative Medicine Workshop for Clinicians

April 6, 2022
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM
Online Event

Feeling stressed from the daily demands of your clinical practice? Take a virtual lunchtime break for RECLAIMING OUR DOODLES, a fun narrative medicine workshop to help clinicians see the benefits of doodling as an antidote to burnout. Through a series of old-school, pen-to-paper exercises geared toward loosening your creative inhibitions, we hope you’ll access the joy of doodling that you had as a child. We’ll offer tips to develop and sustain a daily doodle practice as an integral part of your self-care regimen. 

Marianne R. Petit is an artist and educator whose work explores fairy tales, graphic and narrative medicine, anatomical obsessions, and collective storytelling practices through mechanical books that combine animation and paper craft. Her interests are in combining technology, traditional book arts, and sequential storytelling to create new forms of narrative for the 21st century. She is an Associate Arts Professor at New York University.
Find her on Instagram: @MarianneRPetit
Jen Leach is an artist, writer, and activist who uses comic doodles as a means of reclaiming her experience with bipolar disorder. While working as a teacher and university administrator, Jen hid her diagnosis from her colleagues, drawing comics in the margins of her notebooks. She later “reclaimed” these doodles as a student in the graduate program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia. Jen's work seeks to destigmatize mental illness and inspire patients to reclaim once-silenced narratives through creative expression. 
Find her on Instagram: @furtivedoodles 

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