Spirituality Mind Body Institute Fall 2018 Wellness Workshops

Join The Spirituality Mind Body Institute for their upcoming Fall 2018 wellness workshops beginning Oct. 8th!

These FREE spiritual wellness workshops offered by The Spirituality Mind Body Institute, are open to all Students, Faculty, Staff and Alumni of Columbia University, Teachers College and Barnard College:

  • Activate Your Inner Compass - Oct 9th
  • The Mindful Path to Creative Insight - Oct 9th
  • Stress Reduction through Yoga and Mindfulness - Oct 10th
  • Release Repeating Patterns and Create the Life of Your Dreams - Oct 11th
  • Enchanting the Urban Jungle: Rituals for the Modern Manhattanite - Oct 8th 
  • The Art of Introspection: Building An Internal Telescope for Self-Discovery - Oct 10th
In addition, participants will be paid ($50) if they opt-in to join a research study conducted by the Spirituality and Psychology Lab at Teachers College and meet eligibility requirements. 

Workshops will take place on the first floor of New Residence Hall located 517 West 121st Street, New York, NY 10027. You will need a UNI to participate in these workshops and a University ID to enter the building.

To learn more please visit: http://tiny.cc/SMBISWCEvents

October 05, 2018