Programs and Workshops

Remote and on-site well-being programs and workshops are offered each semester. Offerings include: physical activity programs, wellness challenges, nutrition workshops and more.

Tools and Resources for Departments

Workshops and programs are delivered to departments, schools, and buildings upon request. Offerings include: yoga, ergonomic programming, nutrition and mindfulness workshops, and wellness challenge programs. Additional offerings may be available upon request.

Campus Initiatives

Work/Life collaborates on the development and delivery of healthy and sustainable campus initiatives. Current initiatives include: Bicycle Friendly University, Columbia Recommended Food and Beverage Standard, Take the Stairs campaign, and more.

Well-Being Programs

Physical Activity

Programs designed to help you meet the recommended federal physical activity guidelines for physical and muscle-strengthening activity.

Food & Nutrition

These programs can help you learn to eat a healthful diet focused on foods and beverages that promote health and prevent chronic disease.

Weight Management

Achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight has a positive impact on physical health and can improve energy, general mood, and self-confidence.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing

These programs promote positive mental and emotional health, build social connectedness, and support relaxation and stress management techniques.

Sleep Health

Learn how to develop good sleep habits in order to stay healthy and help your body and mind rest and recharge.

Department Resources & Tools

A list of departmental, school-wide, and building-wide well-being workshops, programs, and initiatives.

Well-Being Resource Highlights

Resources to support your well-being.  

Connect with us!

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